Foucault’s pendulum


Eco, Umberto

Vodou -- Fiction. Religions -- Fiction. Idolatry -- Fiction. Foucault's pendulum -- Fiction. Alchemists -- Fiction. Thought and thinking -- Fiction. Occultism -- Fiction.


641 p.

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

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San Diego

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Uniform Title: Pendolo di Foucault. English ill. ; 24 cm. Keter -- When the light of the infinite -- Wee haue divers curious Clocks -- Hokhmah -- In hanc utilitatem clementes angeli -- He who attempts to penetrate into the Rose Garden -- And begin by combining this name -- Juda Leon se dio a permutaciones -- Binah -- Do not expect too much of the end of the world -- Having come from the light and from the gods -- In his right hand he held a golden trumpet -- And finally nothing is cabalistically inferred -- His sterility was infinite -- Sub umbra alarum tuarum -- Li frere, li mestre du Temple -- He, if asked, would also confess to killing Our Lord -- I will go and fetch you help from the Comte D'Anjou -- He had been in the order only nine months -- And thus did the knights of the Temple vanish -- A mass terrifyingly riddled with fissures and caverns -- The order has never ceased to exist, not for a moment -- Invisible center, the sovereign who must reawaken -- The Graal ... is a weight so heavy -- The knights wanted to face no further questions -- Hesed -- The analogy of opposites -- Sauvez la faible Aischa -- These mysterious initiates -- All the traditions of the earth -- One day, saying that he had known Pontius Pilate -- There is a body that enfolds the whole of the world -- Simply because they change and hide their names -- And the famous confraternity of the Rosy Cross -- The majority were in reality only Rosicrucians -- Valentiniani per ambiguitates bilingues -- The visions are white, blue, white, pale red -- Gevurah -- Beydelus, Demeyes, Adulex -- I' mi son Lia. Contributor biographical information Translation of: Il pendolo di Foucault./ "A Helen and Kurt Wolff book."/ Also issued online. Umberto Eco ; translated from the Italian by William Weaver. Book

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LC: PQ4865.C6; Dewey: 853/.914

ISBN: 0151327653; 9780151327652 LCCN: 89-32212

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Fiction (fic)

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Three editors conspire to devise a plan of their own about European history. As they feed all the information into their computer, they think it is a terrific joke--until people begin to mysteriously disappear.