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Shelf Portraits: Inside the Libraries of Canadian Authors is an online, edited collection of essays, poems, sketches, and other literary works that gives readers an opportunity to see inside the personal libraries of established and emerging authors in this country.

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Shelf Portrait: Darren Wershler

In 2019, my fiction shelf contains exactly one object: a Kindle Paperwhite.

When I moved from Winnipeg to Toronto in 1990 to begin my PhD, I brought 45 B-cartons of fiction with me. Most of it was science fiction and fantasy paperbacks, with a few hardcovers that I’d picked up here and there. All of it was in immaculate condition, except maybe for my copy of Dune, which had a few scratches in the foil-stamped lettering from being kicked across the playground in grade 3.

Almost all of those books are gone now.

By Darren Wershler
Nov. 29, 2020
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