Price of honor : Muslim women lift the veil of silence on the Islamic world


Goodwin, Jan

Muslim women. Vrouwenonderdrukking. Eer. Fundamentalisme. Islam. Aufsatzsammlung. Frau. Islam. Middle East -- Social conditions. Middle East Social conditions Muslim women


viii, 363 p.

Little, Brown

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map ; 25 cm. Ch. 1. Fundamentally Different? -- Ch. 2. Muslims, the First Feminists -- Ch. 3. Pakistan: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back -- Ch. 4. Afghanistan: "When You Can't Beat the Donkey, Beat the Saddle" -- Ch. 5. Iran: "There Is No Fun in Islam" -- Ch. 6. United Arab Emirates: The Playground of the Gulf -- Ch. 7. Kuwait: A War of Independence -- Ch. 8. Muslim Missionaries, American Converts -- Ch. 9. Saudi Arabia: The Custodians of the Two Holiest Places -- Ch. 10. Iraq: A Nation of Fear -- Ch. 11. Jordan: When Islam Is the Solution -- Ch. 12. Israeli Occupied Territories: Next Year in Jerusalem -- Ch. 13. Egypt: The Mother of the World -- Ch. 14. Epilogue. Includes index. Jan Goodwin. Book

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Muslim women, the symbols of honor for their men, speak out in this timely and stunning book that takes us into the volatile heartland of Islam. The world's fastest-growing religion, with more than one billion adherents, Islam increasingly affects our lives: the oil-rich Muslim states of the Middle East are more important than ever in the aftermath of the Cold War, and here in America, Muslims now outnumber Jews. Yet Muslim culture remains a mystery to most Westerners. In Price of Honor, noted journalist Jan Goodwin shows how the restrictions on women's lives in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Gaza and the West Bank of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates act as a barometer to the growth of fundamentalism and the Muslim regimes' willingness to appease extremists. From royalty to rebels, from professional women to peasants, Price of Honor takes us into the hearts and homes of Muslim women. With devastating candor, these women relate the increasingly oppressive politics that govern their personal lives. They live in a world where women are confined, forbidden to work or be educated, and even killed because of men's "code of honor." Goodwin's interviews and reports include a princess who talks about her life as the sixteenth wife of a sheikh; a grandmother who was arrested and whipped eighty times when a lock of her hair slipped from under her veil; women who are raped and then imprisoned for "fornication"; doctors who perform hymen-restoration surgery on women about to be wed because nonvirgins may be killed by male relatives; and American converts to Islam who are completely veiled and accept their husbands' polygamy yet fear the increasing religious extremism and its effects on their lives. With these and many other telling stories, Goodwin brings to life a world in which women have become pawns in a bitter power game. Here is a provocative look inside Muslim society today - and a powerful wake-up call to the world.