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From the Desk of Mordecai Richler

Jason Camlot

About Exhibit

Stationary items, including paper, pads, pencils, envelopes, erasers and ink, binding devices, and items used to hold and organize such materials are manifestations of the writer’s platform for labour.  The blank page, Steno pad and pencil are objects of writerly potential, and may project the author’s ambition in realizing his aims in writing.  The items in this display selectively capture the materials that Mordecai Richler stockpiled for his use in the daily work of writing.  What kinds of paper, pads and pens, typewriters and ink, pencils and erasers did he prefer, and what might these tell us about his methods of writing and his sense of authorial identity?  Personalized stationary, envelopes, business cards, indicate the degree to which Richler saw himself as a professional man of letters and project an image of authorial self out to the world.  Nick knacks and nameplates (such as the “World’s Best Dad” desk plaque) indicate familial or other identities that informed his sense of self, and established a grounded level of comfort as he performed his work in the environment of an office that was a professional and creative sanctuary within his family home.